2945 Jacklin Road #400, Victoria



Place Reviews

Winners is combined with homesense here all in one big Dept store. Decent selection and prices. Staff are friendly. Clayton Erickson rated Four-star on 20 Jul 2017.
We never go to Langford without a trip to Winners! One of my favourite shops. Kathleen Meadows rated Five-star on 03 May 2017.
Decent Winners location that does include a Homesense, so lots of furniture selection. Good deals on sale/clearance clothing. mygamertag2010X rated Four-star on 30 Mar 2017.
I happened to be in the mall so I stopped in at Winners to just browse around & see if they had anything interesting. I couldn't believe how friendly the staff were. Each one of them smiled at me & gave me a genuine, warm hello! It was so refreshing after the horrible experiences I've had at the Nanaimo store. This store was also a lot cleaner than I've come to expect in this chain. This WInners has some amazing mid century modern furniture right now. I only wish I was in my new place already so I could pick up a few pieces. I'll keep my fingers crossed that they'll have more furniture like this when I'm ready to buy. I can't say I was terribly impressed by the selection of women's clothes. They were all rather low end, low priced. But I like going to Winners to find bargains in higher end, well-made (not throw away) fashion. I'll check back though because it might be completely different on another day. terry gaboury rated Five-star on 29 Mar 2017.
You won't always find an amazing deal here (although sometimes you will), but you can usually find good quality clothing here for a bit less than you'd pay at a regular outlet or department store. Cullen Johnson rated Four-star on 21 Feb 2017.