Westcore Training Centre


707 Johnson Street, Victoria



Place Reviews

Very knowledgeable staff and great place to train. I had zero experience working out and had never even been to a gym before so it was intimidating to try and get into shape but Westcore made it easy and fun. I highly recommend it. david amodeo rated Five-star on 08 Sep 2018.
After many years of doing the same old gym routine on my own with limited results and approaching the big 50, I thought I would invest some time and money in myself and give the personal trainer approach a try. Im going on 16 months now at Westcore and have benefited from the experience, energy and encouragement from the 3 awesome trainers who have worked with me. I always feel welcomed on arrival and energized after a workout session. Give it a try! Jeremy Martin rated Five-star on 12 Apr 2018.
I have been training at Westcore with personal trainers and have tried all of their classes. I highly recommend Westcore Training for the community, atmosphere, vibe and professionalism. All the staff are very professional and fun! The workouts are offered at great times throughout the day and are for all fitness levels. For the overall experience, equipment and classes that are offered the price is awesome!!! Amanda Robertson rated Five-star on 11 Apr 2018.
Been working out here for over a year now. Probably over 200 Personal training sessions. They alway fit my very busy schedule. Enjoy variety with my trainer and its never too busy. Clean facilities. Free hour parking across street. Best value for personal training in town by far. Of course, owner want to sell you a membership. It's his business. But you are not locked into long terms like other gyms. I had a horrible experience with a different gym in town. Even though I moved away and they said if I move, can cancel. Forced me to pay dues and sent me to collections. EVEN THOUGH I SHOWED THEM I MOVED. Looking forward to this year at Westcore! My time is valuable so I pick my gym carefully. Manpreet Kandola rated Five-star on 11 Apr 2018.
Very knowledgeable and kind personal trainers. Came to Westcore in October 2017 for a free trial and felt very comfortable since day one. The owner really took the time to understand my goals and set me up with the right trainer. I find the prices to be affordable compared to other personal training gyms after doing some shopping around. Chill atmosphere and good music is always on! I would recommend Westcore for sure. Also, I've never been in better shape! Just wanted to send some love! Katie Husak rated Five-star on 11 Apr 2018.