Westcore Training Centre

707 Johnson Street, Victoria



Place Reviews

The owners the biggest scammer ever. You'd be better off training anywhere else in Victoria. Plus he pays for all his reviews Daykota Johnston rated One-star on 11 Jun 2017.
I highly recommend Westcore Training Centre to everyone! I've tried out a few gyms in Victoria and this is by far my favourite! I've never felt so motivated to work out and truly enjoy it. Amazing staff, classes and atmosphere! No hesitation needed, it will be the best decision you've ever made for your health and wellbeing, joining such an amazing group of people. Some may think it's more expensive than other gyms but I quickly realized spending a little extra to get the result you want, be happy and stay dedicated is 100% worth it instead of paying monthly fees in a locked in contract to a gym you never go to. Treat yourself and give yourself everything you deserve! This gym has got it! See you around :) kyla meyer rated Five-star on 09 Oct 2016.
I saw results within a couple weeks of training at Westcore! I have been to so many gyms in Victoria, but the classes at Westcore are by far the best! The staff/personal trainers are so welcoming and motivating.They truly care about you and your goals and take time to sit down with you and find a fitness plan that works around any schedule. There are so many different classes offered to keep things interesting and to not get bored, which was something I really needed. I recommend Westcore Training Centre to anyone. Best group training in Victoria! Melina Keep rated Five-star on 04 Oct 2016.
Flexible and accommodating. The staff at Westcore treat everyone like a good friend. Nothing but positivity and smiles every time we're there. My daughter has been doing the jujitsu program for kids and is loving it. She went from shy and reserved to confident and determined. Westcore beats any gym I've been to on so many levels. Stay awesome guys! Nikki M rated Five-star on 03 Oct 2016.
Simply put, this is THE workout hub for dynamic classes and motivating personal training sessions. The crew are incredibly warm and inviting and welcome you as soon as you walk in by your first name. After a two month backpacking trip, I walked right on in and felt the genuine care and interest from each staff member! The timing of the night classes are right on schedule with my own and my personal training sessions are individually tailored to take into account past injuries, my extra curricular sport activities, and my upcoming backpacking and hiking goals. I would highly recommend Westcore training centre! mcmahcree rated Five-star on 03 Oct 2016.