Victoria Car Wash Ltd

628 Gorge Road East, Victoria



Place Reviews

Cheap and quick if you are doing self serve which I recommend. Only 2-3 dollars to wash a car. The dryer is a bit of a bust. Just long lines so be ready to wait a little. Kendrick Arason rated Four-star on 14 Jul 2017.
Great place, but the lines get waaaaaay too long. You can end up waiting over an hour for a coin wash. Braheam R rated Four-star on 10 Jul 2017.
They do a pretty good job for the price, and your in and out in less than an hour. Don't expect much in the way of your interior being wiped down. $5 off coupon on their website most times. Danielle Hobbs rated Four-star on 27 Jun 2017.
Wheelchair user, so I am always looking for a good full service car wash. I wouldn't go back to Victoria Car Wash. I watched in pain and agony as someone put a wet brush on the dry hood of my black vehicle. I got the Exterior Deluxe package and my rims were still filthy after the wash and there was still plenty of dirt streaks. I wouldn't recommend this place if you care about your vehicle. Aidan Love rated One-star on 09 Jun 2017.
A good place to wash your cat. The coin operated stalls have natural light making it easy to see spots and streaks. Bruce MacNeil rated Five-star on 29 May 2017.