Tile Town Victoria

3098 Nanaimo Street, Victoria



Place Reviews

Friendly helpful staff who go above and beyond to help. Nick Threndyle rated Five-star on 13 Jun 2017.
Several different people all gave me great service and equally patient, accurate advice during my redo. Scott McKay rated Five-star on 09 Jun 2017.
I went to speak with (must have been the owner) a wonderfully knowledgeable and helpful person today . He told me in detail what had happened to my disaster with the Turkish tiles I put up in my cement patio several years ago. He was not about pushing to sell anything..he sincerely was interested and enthusiastic about tiling ! I highly recommend this store ! Doreen Dufresne rated Five-star on 23 May 2017.
I have recently ordered two very small lots of tile from this company. On both occasions their service was absolutely superb! For instance, when I went in to collect the second lot, the person on the desk even remembered who had helped me three weeks ago. They clearly pay attention to their customers! In both cases a difficult matching job was needed, as the tiles had to fit in with others of a type no longer manufactured. And in both cases the result was nearly perfect. David Ford rated Five-star on 06 Mar 2017.
This business consistently offers great customer service and recommendations. I have been a customer there on 3 occasions and have experienced the same great approach each time. Thank-you! H Sherwood rated Five-star on 13 Dec 2016.