The Green Hart Health and Wellness Inc. (Medical Cannabis Dispensary)

475 Gorge Road East, Victoria



Place Reviews

The staff have great knowledge about the product and are very friendly, it's great that the store gets their products potency tested so you can be assured of the Cannabinoid content of your purchase (which is something that now that I've experienced I never want to go back from) it kinda sucks they don't always have a $5 discount gram, but considering the lack of quality from other dispensaries around that sale, it's probably a good thing. To sum it up, if you are in the Gorge road area and want to go to a dispensary, don't go to Tree's, don't go to Medijuana (unless all you got is $10) go right to Green Hart and you won't regret it Nick L rated Five-star on 23 Jun 2017.
Amazing. These guys know their stuff, will never make you feel uncomfortable, and have the best selection in Vic. Cannot recommend enough. J Martens rated Five-star on 11 May 2017.
First experience with this place was amazing! The staff are super helpful, product selection is great and the pricing is reasonable. I recommend this store to anyone! Talena Mass rated Five-star on 24 Feb 2017.
The best environment with the most helpful and knowledgeable staff. Always a pleasure stopping in for all of my needs. Always greeted with a friendly face. Ryan Snedden rated Five-star on 06 Feb 2017.
My experience at the Green Hart was very good! I've been to almost all the dispensaries in Victoria and this one is by far the biggest and best. They also seem to have the biggest selection of product and really know their stuff. Thanks a lot guys! :) Sean P rated Five-star on 09 Dec 2016.