The Copper Hat Shaving

560 Johnson Street #100, Victoria



Place Reviews

Great quality products at relatively affordable products. Staff is highly knowledgeable and very helpful Mikhail Pozin rated Five-star on 21 Apr 2017.
I first visited The Copper Hat a couple of years ago and made a point to return the next time I was in town. The selection of soaps and other products is excellent, including a number of soaps made in-house. The owner is a very pleasant fellow who will make a point to answer any questions you have, including general questions about shaving and razor maintenance. One gets the impression that he enjoys teaching others about the art, which makes for a great experience. Karl Gruenewald rated Five-star on 15 Apr 2017.
Fantastic service. Friendly, open, knowledgable! High quality hand made and commercial products. I highly recommend this shop! Don't hang on a razor's edge, drop by and brush up on your shaving! Ezekiel Gow rated Five-star on 04 Apr 2017.
Every time I go into this store Kate and Brad answer all my questions and make me feel extremely comfortable. There is never any sales pressure with their advice and guidance, which is why I will always go to The Copper Hat for my shaving needs. The effort that these two put into making sure your SHAVING experience is the best it can be is proof that they care about their customers as people, not as sales. Their products are competitively priced with the internet but come with knowledge and experience; if you are wanting to get into shaving with a straight razor or safety razors (and every kind in-between because Brad is a razor collecting guru) then spare yourself the anguish and randomness of purchasing off the internet and get direct, personalized guidance on getting started. Take it from me; I have been in a half a dozen times this year for help with my technique or finding a better blade and they have ALWAYS accommodated me and moved me closer to the ideal shave. A+ service from The Copper Hat! Liam Henderson rated Five-star on 13 Feb 2017.
I was initially reluctant to drop in to this shop as I thought double edged shaving was more of a hipster trend than an effective shave, but am I ever glad I did! Kate was friendly and real helpful, answering all of my questions with a smile. I picked up a tin of the locally made shave soap and a couple other items and am now hopelessly addicted; I'm having the closest shaves of my life. Highly recommended! Mark Bezzina rated Five-star on 12 Dec 2016.