The Cookie Guy

1122 Blanshard Street, Victoria



Place Reviews

Such a brilliant concept. gluten-sensitive options too! Ordered from skip the dishes and the cookies arrived hot and gooey. Maybe slightly too gooey? seemed not fully cooked but after sitting for a bit in the box seemed alright and taste delicious. Jessica rated Four-star on 03 Nov 2018.
Great customer service! The cookies are soft and chewy....just like all cookies should be. Friendly staff. Reg Goudreau rated Five-star on 23 Oct 2018.
I fell in love with my cookies. We decided to stop in for a couple cookies after dinner, and wow! I pride myself on my baking skills, but his cookies are better than mine. The fact that they deliver as well could be very dangerous. If you're after a delicious cookie, this is the place to go! Brittany Forsyth rated Five-star on 17 Sep 2018.
My workplace absolutely loves this place. Such a great treat to order for friends, family, or clients. They are always reliable and will deliver the order still warm with milk and a cute little box wrapped in a bow with your own detailed message. Our office has become frequent flyers for sure and will always recommend this place if youre looking to put a smile on someones face. Brooke Swystun rated Five-star on 07 Sep 2018.
Their cookies are perfect! A little crispy on the outside soft and chewy on the inside. We had a chocolate chip cookie sandwich with peanut butter ice cream and toasted marshmallows. We were so sad we found this place on our last day of vacation we would have gone every day had we known. Be careful this place is addicting! M. G. rated Five-star on 17 Aug 2018.