The Coffee Lab Rock Bay

street, 2612 Bridge Street, Victoria



Place Reviews

Excellent, in-house roasted coffee. As in, literally the roaster is in the middle of the cafe with a smaller counter model for test batches - the guy is serious (but not pretentious). The roaster (I assume owner) is super friendly. If you are in the area, get a cup here. Erin Audley rated Five-star on 10 Jul 2017.
The building is cool, but the atmospherics (in other words their renovations) don't do it justice. The food is decent but very expensive, their drinks selection is very limited, and service is quite slow. Don't bring any co-workers or friends who don't drink coffee. That said, I did like the paintings they had for sale. Ultimately I would rather go to starbucks, or drive across town to the roundhouse cafe. Andrew Beee rated Two-star on 09 Jul 2017.
Drove by this place many times. Finally stopped in. Egg in a basket, coconut donut and a large Ethopian pour over. Food, coffee and service were all excellent. And its a super cool chill space. Will return for sure. J Graham rated Five-star on 28 Jun 2017.
If you are on a diet, do not look at the pastry case! I've never ever seen a more delicious looking site as I did today... Awesome. The coffee is roasted right there in the caf (not sure how often) and the aroma must be incredible on those days. I don't know if you would like the coffee any more but there's something to be said about how fresh the beans are. You can buy roasted beans also. The atmosphere is industrial with very high ceilings with skylights but it's more homy in the front area. Plenty of seating inside but I wish they had an outdoor patio. I was there around 12:30 on a Friday and it was empty, I'm sorry to say. I hope business is better on other days for their sake. Michael Colynuck rated Four-star on 16 Jun 2017.
Great Coffee/ Espresso. Friendly & helpful staff, all the ladies are so lovely. And great food, especially the soups! Perfect retreat on a rainy day Samantha Mazer rated Five-star on 15 May 2017.