Supreme Echo

2504 Government Street #102, Victoria



Place Reviews

Tiny store with a good selection and really nice owner. scott dettmar rated Four-star on 10 Jun 2017.
Lots of cool records, tapes, and cds from many genres. Quite a bit of rare stuff. Chuck Andrews rated Five-star on 24 Feb 2017.
Great store. So many amazing records. I will be spreading the good word Quali rated Five-star on 30 Jul 2016.
Some of the best selection in town! Plus with great customer service, this is a place you won't wanna miss! Josh Szirmay-Corrales rated Five-star on 10 Dec 2015.
Always nice to see more vinyl available in Victoria. Very small closet shop. Has some unique choices but prices are on the high side across the board. Very friendly and helpful guy. I had a hard time buying a single thing as did my friend. Yet dropping $350+ at Ditch or Fascinating Rhythm is not a problem. I will go back to check him out but I hope he compares his pricing to his competition. Lucky Jhagra rated Three-star on 15 Jul 2015.