1790 Island Highway, Victoria



Place Reviews

Food was good, standard Subway fare. Bathroom was poorly lit and completely out of toilet paper, which makes it seem like they hadn't even checked the bathroom that day. Justine McQ rated Two-star on 09 Jul 2017.
Really good, average subway. Charles Colin rated Five-star on 07 Jul 2017.
Brett was awesome, funny, and talkative; much nicer than the typical "Toasted? Cheese? Veggies? Combo?" conversation that is normal in most Subways. Jorge T rated Five-star on 03 Jun 2017.
Clean, lots of room to eat. Michelle Lyons rated Four-star on 19 Jan 2017.
Service is hit or miss, but with the right people it's definitely worth the money Carter Richardson rated Three-star on 20 Nov 2016.