Saanichton Village Veterinary Hospital - Vet serving Sidney , Brentwood Bay and Saanich Peninsula
Central Saanich

7816 East Saanich Road, Saanichton



Place Reviews

We switched to this vet because our neighbor that does cat rescue said they were caring and reasonable. We were greeted well, had our dogs teeth cleaned at half the price of our regular vet and phoned is the next day to see if everything was ok. Great customer service. We also renewed some anti inflammatory medication at half the price we were paying elsewhere (it is the genetic brand but seems fine). These folks are definitely in business for the animals. Shelley B rated Five-star on 27 May 2017.
Very caring group of people! The Will Herd rated Five-star on 20 May 2017.
We recently moved to Saanich and we have 2 little dogs so we were looking for a new veterinarian, we decided to give the Saanich Village Veterinary hospital a try for our 2 little dogs. We were extremely dissatisfied with our first experience. Our older dog has been on cartrophen (arthritis medication) for a couple of years which we pick up from the vet each month and give the injection ourselves. When I went to pick up the medication I was billed $28.67, I questioned the amount for this because the most we had ever paid at 2 different vets over the years was just under $14. When I questioned the person at reception, because I was sure they had made a mistake, her attitude was really poor, she did not seem to care what I had to say and just kept saying "well that is what we charge", a take it or leave it attitude, I really got the impression that they did not care one way or the other what I had to say or if they ever saw us again. I called a few vets (our last vet, one in langford and another vet in Saanich and they all charged $13-14 for the cartrophen shot when we administered it ourselves, which we have always done. We were not impressed with this vet and it was our first encounter with them. How can they justify gouging their clients by charging almost double what most vets charge. We will definitely be going somewhere else. lorna young rated One-star on 17 Apr 2017.
I have several dogs that they take very good care of and always accommodating when there is an emergency Jeffery Will rated Five-star on 16 Feb 2017.
This Vet's office feels like home, with comfortable seating and open floor plan. I came here when they sponsored Broken Promises Rescue's microchipping day, and the staff were wonderful and excellent to my two cats. They put their hearts into their work and love each animal as if it were their own. Highly recommending this astounding service. Dana Quinn rated Five-star on 23 Mar 2016.