Robinson's Outdoor Store

1307 Broad Street, Victoria



Place Reviews

Helpful and knowledgeable staff. Family run. Competitive prices to the chains. Shop local!! Doug Blackie rated Five-star on 30 Jul 2017.
Locally-owned outdoor store with a large selection and staff that are knowledgeable and experienced in various outdoor activities. Staff are always friendly and helpful and the owner is often in there and will help customers and talk about the business. Steph Wilkie rated Five-star on 04 Jul 2017.
I always go to Robinsons for all of my outdoor clothing and equipment. The quality of their merchandise is excellent and the staff go above and beyond to make sure you get exactly the right things. They do this in a way that makes you feel welcome and supported and they are extremely knowledgeable. Because of this I am a very loyal customer and have been for over 40 years. Deborah Todd rated Five-star on 12 Jun 2017.
I have had too varying experiences in this store. One time I went in looking for a hiking pack. The two staff that were near the section started bickering over some mundane thing about a bag I wasn't even interested in. I politely excused myself and headed to another store. The second time I went in on a whim to see if they had an item I was looking for. I spent about 5 minutes looking, and then another 5 trying to figure out the difference between two similar items. Nobody approached me to help. I wasn't too worried about that after my last experience though, but I wouldnt have minded a hello at some point. Once I had made up my mind about which item I was going to purchase I went to the till and was helped by somebody who was pleasant and friendly. This store is local, so I very much want to support it. They have great stock, but so far I've been underwhelmed by the staff. Colin Beatty rated Three-star on 30 May 2017.
Really great local shop with a good selection of quality outdoor apparel and supplies. Staff can be busy, but are super friendly and helpful, and definitely go the extra mile to make sure they can get you just what you need. Bought both of my marmot precip rain shells from here for above average price, but I'm always happy to pay extra to support local business Dana Quinn rated Four-star on 29 Apr 2017.