Robin Hood Motel

136 Gorge Road East, Victoria



Place Reviews

Really cozy rooms, and awesome staff! Great rooms for the rate, not too far out of the city and Downtown Victoria. Traffic getting out of the parking lot can be a little busy though. And there is no hairdryer in the washroom. A lot more spacious and well furnished than was expected though. 4/5, would stay again Kyle Lorondeau rated Four-star on 28 Jul 2017.
They dont rent rooms to locals. All we wanted was a night away from our full house. But nope. Go spend my money elsewhere. Sierra Wells rated One-star on 08 Jul 2017.
Five stars for staff and service. Rooms are very, very clean. Clean carpets, shiny bathroom, sparkly white bath towels and bed sheets. Yes, it's a motel and I felt like in a Supernatural episode. It's outdated, and room had cigarette smell but I'm very sensitive to smells, more than average person. Cleanliness is really impressive. Staff was helpful. We had problem with a fridge, they changed it in less than 10 minutes. Every day we've been offered different services: cleaning, changing towels. We felt taken care of. Rooms are outdated, yes, but kitchen looked nice, dishes were from one set without chips or cracks. Parking is free but not guaranteed, first come first serve. I'd rather pay more but have spot guarantees. It was quiet when we stayed there, but we heard every step from our 2nd floor neighbours. Not because they were terrible just old building. Few liquor shops, nice grocery store in walking distance, restaurant, pizzeria. Mall in 2 kms. We've been told neighbourhood could be "rough and tough", but can't confirm or deny. Motel has a backyard patio as well, it looked nice too. Dogs are allowed, price for that is really competitive. They don't charge you crazy fees because of dog like Vacation rentals (Juliet building). You can't leave dog in the rooms alone. Another funny rule is cooking with spices is prohibited. I found that recycling could be more comfortable if they'd switch glass and plastic bins. It requires some acrobatic skills to put glass bottles in the bin under the stairs, and you can't just throw them like plastic, they could shatter. Overall our experience is positive! Even if place isn't fancy staff does amazing job to make you feel welcome. Regina Akhankina rated Five-star on 04 Jul 2017.
Clean, comfortable and reasonably priced. Close to the Galloping Goose Trail which connects to downtown Victoria. Our room had a kitchen which we used for breakfast and lunch during our one week stay. Jim Hall rated Four-star on 30 May 2017.
Super cute, lots of large cedar trees kind of like being in Sherwood Forest... but got car prowled one night. But honestly, that can happen anywhere in Victoria/Vancouver. Also, you can have a dog but you are not allowed to leave them in your room without you being there. When the old guy at the front desk told me this he was pretty condescending about it. Next! Meaghan Leah Duke rated Three-star on 10 May 2017.