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I brought my vehicle into Rand auto service for a leak I discovered on my transmission. After inspecting the vehicle the informed me that my power train was still under warranty on my Mazda CX9. I then took my vehicle to dealership to make repair at no cost to me. There honesty and good service saved me hundreds of dollars I plan to use them for any other servicing I require in the future. Aaron DeCiantis rated Five-star on 22 Jul 2017.
I installed some steering parts and when to another shop that was close by and they tried twice and could not give me a correct alignment for my truck. Rand assessed right away that a few other parts were needed and fixed me up right away quick and at a reasonable cost. That you to you Team!!! Lawrence Kimber rated Five-star on 24 Jun 2017.
Great experience all around! Had a safety issue with my tire, and they fixed the issue right away, didn't even need an appointment. Then in my actual appointment, they addressed everything I asked them to do, and addressed some things to look out for the next time. Car runs great! Really happy with the work and services provided by Rand. Definitely will be back. Rhea H rated Five-star on 09 Jun 2017.
Great experience! I had to take my car in for a full safety check and they made it very clear what needed to be done now and what I could wait on. I've been back a few times for a broken window mechanism and oil changes and they have never charged me more then they have quoted! Vanessa W rated Five-star on 17 May 2017.
Long story short I had something fixed on my car for 650$. They told me to come and pick up my car. As I got in my car the check engine light turned on and my car was shaking due to the motor. I was thinking well this will go away those guys told me my car was fixed. 4 blocks down my car feels like its gonna die in the meddle of the road. So I stop to the closest garage to call them. They tell me to get my car towed back to them. So I was thinking why should I trust these guys again. I got my car looked at by somebody else different garage. They fixed my car plus they told me the job I just had done wasn't done properly... Good thing I'm not desperate with my money situation I took it pretty calmly. Never have they try to find a way to cover my towing or anything I was left with a car problem a 650$ bill and stuck in the traffic with an obvious problem with my car. I would rather get screwed big time by a dealership than going back to those incompetent. Rahoul black rated One-star on 14 Mar 2017.