Pineapple Express Dispensary

608 Esquimalt Road, Victoria



Place Reviews

This is where you want to go. Fast and easy... Don't know if you have to ask for the edibles as I didn't see any... But don't waste your time with other dispensaries. This is the only one you need to go. Prices are great! Staff are friendly and very helpful Serena Messerschmidt rated Five-star on 30 Jul 2017.
The people were polite but they won't allow you to smell the product ad they pre-bag the product. Boo! Katey Power rated One-star on 28 Jun 2017.
Friendly, knowledgeable and helpful staff. Good product at a reasonable price. Only issue is there's two parking spaces and about half the time I arrive when the spots are taken Marcus MacDonald rated Five-star on 02 Apr 2017.
They have a tempting variety of baked goods, brownies, cookies and eclairs. As well as a wide selection of smoking product divided roughly into two categories. The first is relief from body aches and pains. The second is mind calming and mood lifting, the stuff that makes you laugh until your stomach muscles are sore. They also have oils and all the equipment you need to enjoy everything. The only drawback to the place is the limited parking. If you are looking for a dispensary , and don't mind walking a block or two check out the Pineapple Express. Nelson Crone rated Four-star on 18 Nov 2016.
Pretty pleased with this one. Great selection and ever so slightly better than normal prices make this place a win. Their sign up process is fast and pain free. I have had a great experience thus far, having only had a single issue with one pack of pre-rolled joints being a little empty but a phone call resolved the issue immediately. Its nice when a store stands behind its products. 4/5 because I'd love to see more single dose edibles in the 300 to 500 mg range but I understand that is probably a niche product :) Skulls Brah rated Four-star on 01 Sep 2016.