Oh Gelato

1013 Government Street, Victoria



Place Reviews

Good gelato but overpriced like most things in here. James Amato rated Four-star on 31 Oct 2018.
First time having gelato. Def love it over ice cream Natalija M Bee rated Five-star on 07 Sep 2018.
super friendly staff, and not outside the normal price range for GELATO. I don't know if others know much about Gelato(prices, ice cream differences, etc.) Nonetheless, even though "expensive", you get quite a bit for your money's worth. But the cups could be bigger. Came here with my husband. The display was so beautiful! It took a while to decide on a flavour to order! Jasmin Kappert rated Five-star on 26 Aug 2018.
The ice cream was alright but the prices are ridiculously high. I wouldnt bother to go back. There are better places for ice cream. Its a tourist trap. Brendan J rated Three-star on 05 Aug 2018.
This is not gelato. This is just typical ice cream, and not very smooth at that. One of the flavours had tiny ice dust inside. Flavor was good. Contrary to a lot of other reviews, the server gave quite large scoops. Eric Yuan rated Three-star on 20 May 2018.