Matheson Lake Regional Park

Matheson Lake Park Road, Victoria



Place Reviews

Matheson Lake Sometimes we need to walk through the forest, slowly and deliberately. Then we can remember to listen, listen to the world beyond the pulsing of our mortal hearts and the simmerings of our primate minds, our longings, dreams and desires. When we walk slowly and deliberately we can follow the twisted old limbs of Arbutus reaching and opening to the world. And the wrinkled skin of the lake reveals the liquid cohesion of molecules gathered from the remains of ancient stars. Walking slowly, mindful of our breathing between Cedar and Fir rising to embrace the sky, roots crawling through the soil in deep time, the old monks of quiet stone rest in the ground. Sitting quietly, overlooking the lake The glory of the sun brings the scene to life while blinding us to the dark expanse of space beyond. The calm expanse of water shimmers with light, the soft unthinking moss crawls across boulders and the community of trees uplift their limbs to the sky a chorus resting between songs. Quietly, we share a meal, the bounty of farm and the labor of hands. We sit in communion and song prayers not for what we dont yet have but for tenderness and courage. For a long while, I remember And sink into the depths of silence a mysterious and boundless place outside the vibrant ocean of this cosmos where I am something more and less than light. stephen kagan rated Four-star on 29 Jul 2017.
Not overrun with dogs like some other lakes (and I say this as a dog owner). Decent walk/hike. Stunning views. Impossibly muddy in the fall/winter. Nicolle Simon rated Three-star on 19 Jul 2017.
Great,if slightly smaller, beach. Nice trails Graeme Campbell rated Five-star on 07 Jul 2017.
Awesome lake, had a picnic here and swam! Water was clean and the air was fresh :) Andreas Lerch rated Five-star on 07 Jul 2017.
Beautiful, and a wonderful (and easy) hike. Watch out for cougars though! Dottie Wieclawska rated Five-star on 28 May 2017.