584 Johnson Street, Victoria



Place Reviews

Lululemon's quality has decreased over the years. But this location is so friendly and honestly..sometimes TOO helpful. But always a good shopping experience. Lorraine Amberson rated Four-star on 10 Jun 2017.
I love it but really expensive Savannah Zimmerman rated Four-star on 11 Apr 2017.
The staff was so helpful and went above and beyond to help me find what I needed. I can't say enough positive things about my experience there on a busy Saturday! Worth spending the extra money to get good service & great products. Jolene Burns rated Five-star on 14 Aug 2016.
Always an amazing experience.. staff is so friendly and helpful. Love shopping here! Paige-Lynne Lescorbeau rated Five-star on 25 Jun 2016.
I had an issue with a pair of pants that I feel both Lululemon and myself were partly responsible for. However, I also felt as though they could have chosen not to do anything about it...but that would have been disappointing. To my relief [this evening], they went above and beyond and completely switched out my "bad" item for a brand new one. This was extremely kind of them and spoke to their amazing customer service...I do not know of many other companies who'd go to this extent to stand by their items. This is why I do not mind spending some extra money to own their clothes, and will continue to be a loyal and happy customer. Love this store! Thanks :) Kate Chadwick rated Five-star on 06 Mar 2016.