Leon's Furniture

800 Tolmie Avenue #201a, Victoria



Place Reviews

Service really nice, price even better. Hank Gao rated Four-star on 23 May 2017.
Saw a nice day bed online so i decided I would go to the local store and see if i could have a look. turns out the order would take over 8 weeks to deliver. they don't actually have the beds yet. so why would the company be promoting them if they didn't physically have them??? (they advertised no taxes too)..... LEON'S .... WTF??? i live about 6 min drive and I ask about delivery.... $140... ouch!! how bout $40... So I ask about picking up myself.... turns out the next pick up day that they allow customers to come pick up there own order.... May 19, over 6 weeks away!! PS... These days you might have to do better than that to get my business...See ya!! Google made me give them 1 star, think of it as -1. Princess Pembroke rated One-star on 19 Apr 2017.
I am not a fan of most of the couches here, but there is an excellent selection of cheap and moderately priced coffee tables and end tables here. There is also a great selection of wall decor, such as paintings and mirrors. Damian Herman rated Five-star on 07 Apr 2017.
After purchase service terrible! Bought a dishwasher from them at a good price but the packaging discolored the stainless steel bad enough that steel cleaner could not remove it. They took no responsibility and have tried to make me deal with the manufacturer. I asked them to take care of it and the communication when dead. Hassle not worth the sale price savings. Warren E rated One-star on 26 Mar 2017.
Huge selection, but hit-and-miss with the staff. Some are great and some can't be bothered to help a young-looking couple Luc Arsenault rated Four-star on 25 Mar 2017.