Hudson's Bay

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1150 Douglas Street, Victoria



Place Reviews

Great cafeteria on 5th floor downtown. Washrooms cleaned regularly. Staff very helpful. Discount sales are quite good. In a lot of these big stores the carpet (why it's even there) is pretty scuzzy. Shelagh Benner rated Four-star on 24 Nov 2018.
Y'all have a great range of products, a lovely layout, and good sales. The customer service, however, is severely lacking. And that's not on an individual basis. The people I've interacted with have been lovely...when I've been able to find them. Every time I've been to your store in the last year I've left, frustrated, within 20 minutes because there's no one around to answer my questions or help me find anything or even process a transaction and take my money. I walked in tonight after browsing online and intended to drop several hundred dollars on a watch. Once again, there was no one to help because the single (lovely) salesperson in the entire jewelry and watch department was already run off their feet. I'm sorry to go all entitled near middle aged white lady here, but I ain't comin' back. Kolina Jane rated Two-star on 22 Nov 2018.
This is my favourite Bay location. They have a large array of small kitchen appliances and plenty of home goods. Their price matching means that I can buy anything for my home and get the best deal available. They even match with Amazon! Joel Williamson rated Five-star on 09 Nov 2018.
I was trying on a pair of pants in the dressing room, when I noticed blood dripping from my finger. It turned out the button on the pants had a razor sharp edge. When I took them off, I noticed the button had also left two bleeding gashes on my right leg. I slowed down the bleeding as best I could, put my jeans back on, and took the lethal pants to the clerk. I had a bloody Kleenex in my hand, and I told the guy what had happened. He looked at them and said: "Wow! Thanks!", then motioned for the guy behind me to come up to pay for his stuff. I told him there were also gashes on my leg. He didn't seem to be listening or to even care. He just wanted me gone. And these people seriously wonder why retail is dying? If I were managing a store and this happened, I'd apologize, offer to take someone to the first aid kit and give them a free pair of pants. These guys couldn't have cared less. Smokus Cat rated One-star on 09 Sep 2018.
I am finding it hard to shop here. They are constantly running a 15% of sale if you have a Bay Card. I do not want a Bay card as I have far too many cards already. I feel I am being penalized for not using credit. Hardly makes sense. Mike Graham rated Three-star on 25 Aug 2018.