Hudson's Bay

1150 Douglas Street, Victoria



Place Reviews

High end shopping at it's best. Wait for the sale unless you've got money to burn Michael Hampton rated Four-star on 23 Jul 2017.
The people here are really sweet and helpful. Also it's one of the better Bay stores in Canada. Good selection, decent pricing. Chris N. rated Four-star on 04 Jun 2017.
My wife and I really enjoy going to the restaurant on the 5th floor. The view is fantastic, the restaurant is quiet and for less than 4 dollars one can have a delicious scone and cup of tea. It is the best value in victoria. Norman Till rated Five-star on 19 Mar 2017.
My family and I enjoy the cafeteria style restaurant on the top floor. It's often quiet, and good for large groups with breathtaking views of the inner harbour. A nice spot away from the crowds even on the weekends. Jessica Butchart rated Four-star on 11 Mar 2017.
Awesome! I love finding the great deals in their awesome selection! The cafe is super cute and cozy. Much more quiet than the food court and an amazing view! Rye _ rated Five-star on 05 Jan 2017.