Hotel Grand Pacific
James Bay

463 Belleville Street, Victoria



Place Reviews

Beautiful property. Modern decor. Nicely laid out room with tasteful furniture and elegant bathroom. Super clean in every way. Very courteous staff. Don Mackrill rated Five-star on 21 Jul 2017.
All I did was use the restroom here, not going to lie. Was a wonderful experience. Staff were attentive and the building was gorgeous. 10/10 for a quick whiz Cortland McKenzie rated Four-star on 20 Jul 2017.
Exceptional accommodation, service and food. Close to everything; museum, The Empress, steamship terminal, directly across from the Black Ball Ferry Terminal, Kenmore seaplane terminal, the harbor with all its beauty. I highly recommend staying here. Lynnette Nelson rated Five-star on 19 Jul 2017.
Second best Hotel in Victoria just right beside the Parliament. Location is great and easy access to government street .I haven`t move my car during my vacation and everything was only 5 minutes away from this Hotel. Room was very clean with fantastic customer service Ali Hodjat rated Five-star on 09 Jul 2017.
The Hotel Grand Pacific was great! The room was spacious and the beds were comfortable. The concierges were so helpful, one even gave his personal phone number for us to text if we had questions about anything. It was located super close to everything, which was great because we didn't rent a car. Austin Roberts rated Five-star on 03 Jul 2017.