Government House

1401 Rockland Avenue, Victoria



Place Reviews

Beautiful grounds to take a wander. We also tired the house which was really interesting. They had staff in each area to explain the history of each room which was really informative. There is also a lovely tearoom and display of costumes. For Canada 150 they had music in the park on Thursday nights. It was excellent on our visit. Paul Barron rated Five-star on 23 Jul 2017.
Beautiful grounds, nice views of the mountains and the water. Great place for a walk. The rose gardens were amazing. Brock Tinnell rated Five-star on 03 Jul 2017.
This is Victoria's hidden secret. Beautiful flowers, lots of space for children to run & explore. Old service buildings from 1880's, you can imagine the horses & carriages using the area. There are lots of paths, huge trees, gardens galore, second only to Buchard Gardens in size, variety & awe factor.. Best of all, it is absolutely FREE to all! Best deal in Super Natural British Columbia. I am biased however as I live in the neighborhood. When visiting Government House look for Bailey the Wonderdog & his yellow frisbee. Children love his attention. Myk with Bailey the Wonderdog rated Five-star on 26 Jun 2017.
What a beautiful estate! The yard is lavish and the house is filled with so much history. Very neat experience visiting the Government House! Melanie Cadden rated Five-star on 11 May 2017.
Didn't plan on visiting this place. We bumped into it during a morning stroll... it just made our morning. What a place. Great scenery, beautiful landscaping and historical building. Must see! Rajiv Krishnan Kozhikode rated Five-star on 07 Apr 2017.