Good Things Consignments
Oak Bay

104-1841 Oak Bay Avenue, Victoria



Place Reviews

Ever rotating selection of good quality house hold items Ian Lloyd rated Four-star on 16 Nov 2016.
With a combination of new things, old things, rare things and every day things...the bottom line is this shop is full of very Good Things. Everything from vacuums to jewelry to silver to books is in this store. I've bought old toys and chintz china, books, jewelry, mixing bowls and all kinds of decorative items. Prices aren't always "cheap' but they are very reasonable. For instance, I bought a 5 piece set of Tiffany dessert plates here once for about $100. That's not "cheap" but it was a super price for what they are...and a nice thing about Good Things is they understand what they've got. So if you come in to consign they'll know the best price for your stuff. I always visit Good Things when I visit Victoria, either before or after tea at the White Heather just down the street. One of my favourite parts of my trip! j spain Greene rated Five-star on 18 Oct 2016.
I always find a treasure or two when I visit this place. Great curation of used things from Oak Bay and greater Victoria consignees. Staff is helpful and upbeat. Justine M rated Five-star on 20 Sep 2016.
Bit overpriced with ladies that have "attitude". Sellers provide you with income, not the way around. Mark Devoss rated One-star on 16 Aug 2016.
This is a great place to shop and to bring your gently used items that someone else would enjoy. Staff were very helpful and compassionate when I brought some things in that were from my sister who is working on a very challenging thing -- down sizing. Their process of intake for incoming consignment is very user friendly. I love Good Things! Joan Dick rated Five-star on 14 Apr 2015.