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I found my experience here to be less than satisfactory. The eye exam was fine, but they somehow couldn't get contact lenses for my prescription despite trying multiple times, nothing worked. I could actually see better without the contacts. There were also major delays on getting the contacts in the first place - they even sent them back to the manufacturer without telling me they were there to be picked up. Don't really like the $150 "Contact Lense Training Fee" especially because I didn't end up with contacts that worked for me. I also found their sales lady to be a bit pushy. Going somewhere else now. Laurel Anne Stark rated Two-star on 06 Jul 2017.
By far the most thorough exam I've ever experienced at the optometrist (the eye poofs are the devil!). I really appreciate the excellent service, the professional doctors and the knowledgeable staff. Very happy to have found these eye doctors and I love my glasses. Amanda Robins rated Five-star on 19 Mar 2017.
I like them all. The doctors and techs are all easy to talk to and listen to your concerns and explain things well. I keep going back and they keep updating their equipment. The stuff is getting really amazing. This last time in Jan 2017 they did a scan of the back of my eyes which shows a side view cross section profile of the shape back there. I instantly knew why I am beginning to have a little blurriness. Donn H rated Five-star on 15 Jan 2017.
I have been a customer here for at least 20 years. I have taken all three of my children there as well since the age of 3. I am so pleased with the reliable, courteous and convenient service as well as the caring staff. I don't have the easiest kids in the world, and the staff are very patient helping them through each test. My middle son has glasses and there is never a problem stopping by to have them adjusted or cleaned. He's broken them a few times and they are always covered under warranty. Great value for our money and I can rest assured knowing my kids are getting the best care possible. I tried getting a pair of glasses from Costco for myself because they are so much cheaper... in the long run, I couldn't use the glasses because they were so poorly made. I learned my lesson! Monika Rose rated Five-star on 01 Aug 2016.
I experienced amazing customer service at this location! I was late for my appointment by 30 minutes and the lady at the front was more than understanding and immediately scheduled another appointment for me. I then came in for my appointment and was welcomed with a smile and patience when I had to call my bank to transfer money. I am blanking on her name as I write this review but I am very happy I came to this location and thankful for all the help and patience she provided! Ritu Jassal rated Five-star on 28 Jun 2016.