Five Star Medicinal Dispensary

2622 Douglas Street, Victoria



Place Reviews

Awesome staff! Awesome prices! Definitely the place to go! Rye _ rated Five-star on 05 Jan 2017.
I found five star dispensary to be a very relaxing environment. The staff was very knowledgeable and eager to help me in what I was looking for. Hassle-free service, and a great selection I'm everything you could want. T L rated Five-star on 01 Aug 2016.
great staff. Great slection prices and product. Thanks guys youve been a literal lifesaver, my migraines have gone away permanently and i receive them far less now... Used to be 2, 3 migraines a month and now its barely once a year. thanks again. Wish the doctors were so helpful Matthew Pearson rated Five-star on 30 Jun 2016.
By far the best dispensary in Victoria. The highest quality and selection of cannabis in Victoria while still offering reasonable prices. The staff is very knowledgable and friendly. If you are are regular it is rewarding and they recognize your support. Overall Brandon and Erich are overall solid humans and understand the industry very well. Good job guys keep it up! I will always turn my friends to you for quality medicine. Justin Wevers rated Five-star on 18 Jun 2016.
Higher levels/5 star dispensary is a great business. Eric and Brandon are extremely knowledgeable about their products and easy to talk to. Highly recommend this place, they have some of the best stuff you can find in Vic !! Neil Campbell rated Five-star on 18 Jun 2016.