Curious Comics

631 Johnson Street, Victoria



Place Reviews

Awesome place for comics, great helpful friendly staff as well. Could spend hours in this store. It may be a small building but they pack so much reading material in it it's definitely worth checking out if your in the downtown area. Melissa Courtney rated Five-star on 20 Nov 2018.
Waited a very long time to recieve assistance from the manager, who apparently was the only one who could serve me. When i asked for what i was looking for i got nothing more then i already knew and felt as if my question was a nuisance to him, i was ready to pre purchase about 15 comic books. I was basically shrugged off and he jumped to the next person immediately as if we were done so i left dissappointed :( . as for the store it is a must see has a lot of interesting items and covers a lot of areas worth seeing! Wil Cee rated Three-star on 19 Nov 2018.
Love this spot - whenever we visit, we always end up coming back 3 or 4 times, as theres so much to look at. Jenny Burgesse rated Five-star on 07 Oct 2018.
Great place for comics, games, swag, and more. Lots of table top stuff as well. Minis, book, dice, everything you need for a game. Bryan Jonasson rated Five-star on 29 Sep 2018.
One of my favourite spots downtown with THE nicest staff. Don't know what to buy for yourself or as a gift for someone dear? The wonderful staff here at Curious Comics has the knowledge and experience to point you in the right direction, depending on preferences. Aside from comic books and Manga, Curious has a variety of collectibles including posters, figurines, apparel, statues and more. Great selection and organized display, you just cannot go wrong. Nando Castillo rated Five-star on 14 Aug 2018.