Chikara Sushi

2950 Douglas Street, Victoria



Place Reviews

How the hell did this place get a high rating? Are you kidding me. The some of sashimi was tough and lacked flavour and texture and the sushi rice just crumbled apart and was stale. Not to mention I got 6 measly pieces of sashimi for a high price... My families plates were lack luster, the chicken katsu didn't have enough sauce and was dry. We had gyoza for an appetizer, it's wrap tasted cheap and was dry. Service was lack luster, one of our cups sat empty of water the entire night and the server asked to fill it once at end... We were asked how our food was near the end of the meal. It also took them 30 minutes to get our food out when the restaurant only had a few tables served, hardly busy and the prices were quite expensive in comparison to the many other better sushi restaurants in town. James Wong rated One-star on 22 Jul 2017.
Amazing sushi. Staff was friendly and the place itself was very cozy. Yamacado rolls were delicious. Some of the best sushi I've had in Victoria. Joey Mercer rated Five-star on 30 Jun 2017.
We absolutely LOVE THIS PLACE! Best sushi in town, and super pleasant staff and environment! Candace Woodland rated Five-star on 27 May 2017.
This has become my favourite sushi place in Victoria. I go here all the time for take out, their spicy tunacado rolls are addictively good. Very friendly staff and quick takeout time. Yujin Lee rated Five-star on 22 Apr 2017.
Really lovely atmosphere - great food (fresh) and the amount of rice wasn't overwhelming on the sushi. The star was definitely whatever was rolled inside. A teeny bit on the expensive side as far as sushi goes, but tastes great and the service is lovely Dottie Wieclawska rated Five-star on 08 Apr 2017.