Burger King
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1681 Old Island Highway, Victoria



Place Reviews

Friendly staff and a play place for your Children so you can enjoy a hot meal Morgan O'Donnell rated Four-star on 31 Jul 2017.
Friendly but slow. One of the four burgers was wrong. Didn't complain because didn't really care Justin Foisy rated Three-star on 10 Jul 2017.
4 stars as far as a fast food joint is concerned. Standard fare. Clean and open Xombie Flanders rated Four-star on 21 Jun 2017.
Can't go wrong with a good old bk! Did forget our cheese sticks though. Ben Embleton rated Five-star on 14 Jun 2017.
Good'ol Burger King, have some pretty good cheap food options nothing that I would consider "healthy" but tasty non the less, also have very friendly drive thru staff. Josh Teng rated Four-star on 13 Jun 2017.