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520 Gorge Road East, Victoria



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April 1st changes for youths and seniors. A one way trip requiring two or more buses goes from $1.50 to $5.00. A two way trip goes from $3.00 to $5.00. My car is going back on the road. Thanks BC Transit. Salal Lou rated One-star on 30 Jul 2017.
Super unreliable. Edited to add that after a couple of experiences I don't even feel safe on the bus anymore. Where do they hire these idiots? Jeff Swanson rated One-star on 25 Jul 2017.
The 14 is the worst on Sundays. It's been late twice in the past couple months. I get it it's not all the time but if your start time on Sundays is 7:30am and your Bus doesn't show up at all at 6:45am then what the hell is it doing? Sleeping in for transit drivers is no excuse. You are public transit! It's bad enough the buses don't run as frequently near my area. I'm not impressed. I pay $85.00 a month. Marie M rated One-star on 28 May 2017.
Normally the bus drivers in victoria are quite friendly and accommodating to everyone. The bus ride I had today was well below the usual average. The bus driver grunted whenever someone said hello, left people waiting for the bus at the right time at the bus stop and kicked someone off for apparently doing nothing. I tried to be polite and stay out of his way but this obviously grumpy guy grabbed my backpack as I was leaving the bus and pulled me back and said "stand behind the line". Next time a BC transit employee touches me I am reporting them right away. The only reason this review doesn't get 1 star is because the other times BC transit has had me aboard they have been friendly and respectful Matthew Kinahan rated Two-star on 16 May 2017.
Probably one of the most disappointing and unreliable transit systems in all of Canada. Sure some of the drivers are really friendly and helpful. The buses are never on time. period. If you are relying on it to get to work you better start looking for another job because you'll be late every single day. If by gods grace the bus isn't late it'll be 10 mins early so you'll miss it anyway. If the bus isn't late and it isn't early then chances are the driver won't be paying attention and drive right pass the stop. I've lived in all but one province in Canada and Victoria takes the cake for worst transit. John Wiseman rated One-star on 13 Apr 2017.