Bay Street Castle
Victoria West

220 Bay Street, Victoria



Place Reviews

Simply called for a price on some 1x4 comb faced primed fascia board, and the guy who answered the phone was definitely not interested in providing any kind of customer service. My question was met with silence. I guess he thought I could see what he was doing over the phone. Then he told me to go to the other store because his store didn't have enough inventory for the amount I needed. Never bothered to tell me where this other store was located, so I had to ask. He answered rudely like I should have known. I will gladly take me cushiness elsewhere for the rest of my life! I may not be building houses, but after this little $500 purchase, I have 4 cedar decks and a cedar fence, a gazebo, a trellis, and an outdoor kitchen, and a rock wall on the honeydo list just to name a few. Guess where NONE of my supplies will be coming from! Michael Labelle rated One-star on 03 Jun 2017.
This is a great store - the staff, the service, the prices. Uncomplicated and conveniently located. It's my go to. Derek Pinto rated Five-star on 07 Feb 2017.
Great place to shop for my renovation materials. The staff are always very helpful and happy. Stephen DUSTY Roberts rated Five-star on 06 Dec 2016.
This used to be home to a Rona store, which closed it's doors a couple of years back. This disappointed me, as I really enjoyed the store's quirky layout, which was much more reminiscent of the hardware stores I used to visit with my father, as a child. The huge warehouse-style building supply superstores of today are convenient, and carry basically everything you could ever wish for. However, they can be cold, uninviting, and have you longing you a time when things were much less streamlined, and centralized... a time when the old guy up the street owned the hardware store, and had for years. Okay, I'll stop. I'm acting like that old man... This Castle Building Centre is much closer to the hardware stores of yesterday, and a great place to find some of the more obscure items, which have fallen by the wayside, and therefore not stocked by the hardware superstores. However, it is not only the obscure which is sold here. Expect to be able to get pretty much anything one would think they could get at a hardware store... Just with a few less options of sizes, brands, etc. A great place to go if you have some time to kill, and just want to take your time, browsing the, at times, labyrinth-like aisles. The super-friendly staff always make you feel welcome, and are extremely willing to give you a hand, in any way possible. I totally recommend checking out the Bay Street Castle Building Centre... A smaller, friendlier experience. Fuck That, Yo! rated Four-star on 11 Jun 2016.
A really small store, helpful staff but they don't carry much. Their shelves and layout is cramped and old. The prices are comparable to home depot. Abhinav Rai rated Three-star on 24 Nov 2015.