Bastion Books - Rare and Second Hand Books in Victoria

14 Bastion Square, Victoria



Place Reviews

An organised selection with bang on pricing. Bought a few used books today :). Owner was helpful & delightful. Nice location at the end of the market too. Christie Mitchell rated Five-star on 04 Oct 2018.
Very good selection of books, I recommend going there! Klothemonster rated Five-star on 31 Jul 2018.
Friendly atmosphere and very helpful staff. Big bonus for being dog friendly and having a little reading nook for kids. James MacKenzie rated Five-star on 19 Jun 2018.
Great little store. Some gems if you know how to hunt books. Frank OBrien rated Five-star on 11 Apr 2018.
A really enjoyable second hand bookstore to wander around in. If you're looking for something specific, Munro's or Russell's is a better bet, but if you just want an enjoyable time browsing books, Bastion is great. Grayson Tilstra rated Five-star on 18 Mar 2018.