A Sea of Bloom

2052 Otter Point Road, Sooke



Place Reviews

Karen always has the freshest flowers and the most beautiful arrangements for any occasion. Her shop is quite large and also features a tonne of gifts, handmade crafts, and other items from local producers. Stop by and have a look! Tim Ayres rated Five-star on 01 Mar 2017.
We have been going to Sea of Bloom for many years and only order our flowers from Karen and her employees. Sea of bloom is an amazing shop, and there is so much there to see besides florist arrangements. I never leave without finding another treasure to take home or give as a gift. If you are looking for the very best in customer service, creativity and west coast design this is your store. My husband Rich knows to only order flowers from Sea of Bloom! Dana Jean rated Five-star on 09 Feb 2017.
I visit this cute store whenever I make a trip to Sooke. I love the jewelry, locally made gifts, essential oils, soaps, plants and art they sell. It's definitely a go to when I want to treat myself or need a gift for someone. I have also bought flowers here that lasted days. Worth a visit for sure. Jasmine Philip rated Five-star on 08 Feb 2017.
I've worked with A Sea of Bloom multiple times on high fashion editorial collaborations where beautiful high end floral head pieces were made specifically for our professional shoots. I've never been disappointed and each piece has been lovingly and artfully designed. Karen and her staff are a joy to work with and I would recommend their custom designed floristry to anyone. I think more brides should consider having custom floral headpieces made for their big day!! Trista Smith rated Five-star on 08 Feb 2017.
I've placed multiple orders directly through this florist and each time I've been thoroughly disappointed. Any specification I've ever given has not been adhered to - when I've asked for bright colours, a muted/dull bouquet was sent. When I asked for no carnations, carnations were sent. Perhaps most frustratingly, every time I have called, I have specifically stated that I would like an arrangement, not just a simple bouquet in water. I have been told that this will cost extra and have paid extra - close to $100 in some cases. Sadly, what has been sent looks like a $20 bouquet from a super market - nothing unique, nothing special, just a bunch of flowers in water without so much as a wire wrap or leaf wrap to hide the stems. I understand that florists must work within constraints and cannot cater to every request - there are only certain flowers and/or colours on hand at any given time. But if they charge for services they don't intend on providing (i.e. bouquet vs arrangement), I'm not willing to be a customer. After our third order, I've given up. Sarah Steedsman rated Two-star on 07 Dec 2016.