A Mart Korean Grocery

652 Yates Street, Victoria


Place Reviews

Great food and selection. Smells so good inside. Lots of food made in store Bruce Nolin rated Five-star on 12 Oct 2016.
Had exactly what we needed .. fair prices .. friendly service. Small but good! Joyce Jungclaus rated Five-star on 23 Sep 2016.
if you are interested in Korean food, then this is the one. They are located next to King Sejong Korean restaurant and their Kimchi is the best in BC. Now they make Sushi and it's great! connaise1112 rated Five-star on 04 Jul 2016.
The best home made Kimchi in town. Krishna Chaitanya Ravi rated Five-star on 12 Feb 2015.
The owners are so kind and also there are a lot of Korean stuff you are looking for. I guess you can get whatever you want in A-Mart : ) Even if they don`t have what you want, they can bring it over to you from Van. A Google User rated Five-star on 25 Feb 2008.