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Neighbourhood Reviews

Loved it.Heng Dju Ong rated Butchart Gardens Five-star on 30 Sep 2018.

Try to take the 75 line back to downtown from this stop, but was told to take the 72 to downtown at the transferred location.Chris Sirinopwongsagon rated Butchart Gardens Four-star on 28 Dec 2017.

Beautiful, clean and warm water.Neil Sifritz rated Mount Work Regional Park - Durrance Lake Parking Lot Four-star on 20 Jul 2017.

Gorgeous park with a magnificent hike to the top of Mount work, highly recommended.Renate Herberger rated Mount Work Regional Park - Durrance Lake Parking Lot Five-star on 04 Sep 2018.

This is a great little walk down to great views of a cool waterfall.Burton DeGroot rated Cascade Trail Five-star on 21 Jan 2018.
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