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Neighbourhood Reviews

Fantastic mid size gallery Gallery staff are approachable.Leona Geber rated Art Gallery of Greater Victoria Five-star on 08 Jun 2017.

Kevin helped my wife and I buy our first house in Victoria, and made the experience absolutely effortless.Zachary Young rated Sweet Home Victoria Real Estate Team Five-star on 13 Jun 2017.

Back in 2001 I knew my marriage was unsalvageable.MarLynn Fitz rated Robert J Klassen Five-star on 02 Sep 2015.

This is an amazing shop.vincent baart rated Daisy Chain Design Studio Five-star on 25 Sep 2015.

A great building to use for choir practice; amazing acoustics in the main hall and even the meeting rooms.Activator Knocked Out rated Grace Lutheran Church ELCIC Five-star on 09 Mar 2017.