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Neighbourhood Reviews

As a yoga therapist with a lot of issues in my own body, I often find it hard to settle into group yoga classes.Neala Griffin rated Lumina Yoga & Wellness Five-star on 08 Jul 2018.

Dr.Michael Battams rated Parton David E Dr Five-star on 17 Oct 2018.

Dr Piercey is absolutely the most caring knowledgeable and compassionate doctor i have met, what a treat when you are vulnerable to have someone care, be patient and be there every step of the way, the staff is stellar also.suzyhahn rated Piercey James Dr Five-star on 07 Mar 2016.

I adore the Italian sausage that they serve there.Albert Nshimirimana rated Subway Five-star on 01 Jun 2018.

Patient, knowledgeable, and excellent bedside table manners.M Robinson rated Dr. Kelli Whitehill Five-star on 01 Aug 2017.
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