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Neighbourhood Reviews

Great place for a quiet and enjoyable hike.Dan Levesque rated Jocelyn Hill Trailhead Five-star on 25 Jan 2017.

Wanted to go from 12" to 13" wheels on my 1991 Suzuki Carry All.Cyril Ostiguy rated West Shore Auto Five-star on 02 Jun 2017.

Mt.Colin Beatty rated Mount Work Summit Four-star on 10 Jun 2017.

I contacted EcoTek to investigate the cost of spray foam and Paul was extremely good at explaining the cost and the process.Barbara Monteith rated EcoTek Spray Foam Ltd Five-star on 24 Jan 2017.

Great place to take a hike, worth the journey to the top.Kyle McIntyre rated Mount Work Regional Park - Munn Road Parking Lot Five-star on 11 Jul 2017.