Places in Victoria

Neighbourhood Reviews

I had the pleasure of taking 6 classes from 4 different teachers (Rachel, Hailey, Katyanna & Jacquie) while visiting in Victoria.Glen Campbell rated Fernwood Yoga Den Five-star on 05 Oct 2015.

This is a small shop, whick makes it more reasonable than the bigger children's consignment stores in the area.Lauren ek rated Thistle & Wren Children's Consigment Five-star on 15 Apr 2017.

Accueil sympathique mais discret.Frdric Purro rated Gaslight Inn Victoria Four-star on 04 Jul 2017.

Warm, welcoming and a fantastic listener.Zoe Emma rated Synergia Counselling and Consulting Five-star on 29 Mar 2017.

I had a wonderful experience working with Ren Hobbs at Fly the Cage for the colourful hermit crab tattoo I got on the back of my arm.Valerie Ackroyd rated Fly The Cage Tattoo Five-star on 17 Jul 2016.