Places in Victoria

2453 McNeill Avenue, Victoria


Ivy's Book Shop
2188 Oak Bay Avenue, Victoria

Ivy's Book ShopIvy's Book ShopIvy's Book ShopIvy's Book Shop
Good experience for a stroll, enjoying the exercise of a book worm. Gerald Huggies rated Four-star on 20 Feb 2018.
Excellent service via email: quick, competent, friendly and what appears to be reliable with book orders (will find out in two weeks, when the book arrives). DCHP2 Project rated Five-star on 11 May 2017.
Great selection. liam w rated Five-star on 08 Feb 2017.
A small excellent local book shop. David Cheatley rated Five-star on 01 Nov 2016.
The original local bookstore. Ian Robertson rated Five-star on 28 Sep 2016.

Interfaith Chapel, University of Victoria
University of Victoria, Interfaith Chapel

Interfaith Chapel, University of VictoriaInterfaith Chapel, University of Victoria
Adam Klassen rated Four-star on 11 Aug 2018.
Natural wood interior with lots of windows connecting the inside with the beautiful outdoor gardens. Nicholaus Peckham rated Five-star on 28 Jun 2018.