Heritage Walks Series

Haunted Victoria

Naturally Haunted?

Ghosts swinging canes and spirits with monkeys on their shoulders? Welcome to Canada’s most haunted city! Some were murdered, others were hanged. Watch and listen for their signs...

There are many theories why there are so many ghosts in downtown Victoria. One reason is the long period of human occupation, spanning 6,000 years from the arrival of the first aboriginal inhabitants. Some ghost experts believe that cracks, or “ley lines”, in the earth’s surface beneath Victoria emit powerful magnetic energy that somehow attracts spirits and magnifies their presence.

Others suggest that the surrounding salt water, the underlying bedrock, the distant hills and mountains that wrap around the region and the abundant natural springs all help retain ghostly energy. Whatever the reasons, Victoria has more ghost stories associated with it than any other city in British Columbia. Of course, you don’t need to believe in ghosts to enjoy a good ghost story or to let your imagination wander.

Text courtesy: discoverthepast.com

Anything is possible when you let your imagination run wild and experience the supernatural side of Victoria.

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