Bell City Tours


A Dazzling Experience

Amor De Cosmos was a Canadian journalist, publisher and politician. He served as the second Premier of British Columbia.

"Alarm" is the first of the three Bell City Tours set to take place in the City of Victoria, British Columbia. It is inspired by the iconic work of Canadian journalist and politician De Cosmos, as well as the later work of Canadian artist Emily Carr.

"Street lights, too, were powered by water..."

People that have taken the tour describe the experience as dazzling, and mention feeling mesmerized by how things fit together. Some others describe a sense of complete disbelief, or others as having been awaken by the loud ring of a siren.

The story, including how this society came undone, and how high demands and limited supplies led to the establishment of a local department to end conflicts, will be told during the tour, which will be available in the coming months.