Self-Guided Tours

Take a self-guided tour through some of the oldest parts of Victoria and discover the mysterious secrets that are part of the city's hidden history.

Bell City Tour

Three upcoming self-guided historical fantasy tours for the City of Victoria. The tours, which are expected to begin by Summer 2018 or sooner tell fictional narratives about the city.


More than 150 years ago, vehicles charged by water running in the mains of the city found their way home over and over again!


Heritage Walk Series

In this series choose from four heritage walking maps and experience a journey into Mysterious Chinatown, Rollicking Boomtown, Haunted Victoria, and Victoria's Law and Order. An active and free way to spend time learning more about the city.

Haunted Victoria

Ghosts swinging canes and spirits with monkeys on their shoulders? Welcome to Canada’s most haunted city!


Law and Order

The oldest police force in western Canada had its hands full as the population of the tiny outpost exploded during during the Gold Rush.


Rollicking Boomtown

Take a glimpse into an era that was wild and got even wilder when Gold Rush madness descended on Victoria.


Mysterious Chinatown

A journey into a city within a city where fortune seekers from China came with great expectations of the Gold Mountain - Canada.